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Cardboard Prison: His mobile within the Enchanted Forest seems to are actually this. Upon examining his cell, It really is uncovered that he could have conveniently escaped at any

"All magic will come with a price", inside a singsong voice. Besides the a person time when he opens as many as Belle and he states it with an extremely unfortunate voice because he's nonetheless trapped via the magic of his have doing.

Highly effective and Helpless: When he initially loses Baelfire through a dimensional portal, finding again to him is ironically outside of Rumpel's vast powers which he experienced develop into hooked on.

, into acquiring absorbed through the Sorcerer's Hat and referred to as out on it by Hook, Rumple casually brushes the notion apart.

to become this, invoking Evil Is Captivating and looking to seduce Guys to do what she wants. It under no circumstances is effective (possibly as the Males know sleeping with an evil witch-queen in no way finishes nicely), so she falls again to her magic and/or faithful army.

to Regina, specially in the second time considering that she promised him she would redeem herself. And when that does not figure out, he also manages to acquire her to stay in Although not Much too Evil territory in lieu of go all-out Evil Queen manner.

Forced into Evil: Regina was manipulated into doing evil by her upbringing, her at any time-increasing earlier traumas, and also a thoroughly crafted plot.

He's been seen enjoying movie games just before, but not to these kinds of an obsessive diploma. He and Emma once shared a second when Regina gave him a handheld video game, to which Emma feedback that she also pandora g charm loved that same game as a kid.

The 1 promise he at any time broke: he was supplied an opportunity to Are living with his son in A different globe that was without magic, freeing him from your mantle on the Dark A person, but could not Allow go of his electrical my site power and misplaced his son. He set out producing the Dim Curse as a way of correcting this.

Become a single for Snow/Mary Margaret now. They've repaired their partnership with Regina even calling Snow "[your] mother's child" following she proclaimed that she was brat as being a child just after seeing what Eva was like when young. So, in case you contact Snow - or make an effort to - matters will not likely

Very good Is Dumb: A company believer in this, she refers to Snow and Charming as "those two idiots", Although all her plans to remove them, always

Parental Neglect: A moderate form when she will get obsessed with receiving revenge. She leaves Henry by yourself at home on a regular basis, but will take treatment much more frequently of him and his comfort, defends Henry, and truly gives him loads of offers.

Does anybody provide the cell phone number to the At any time Soon after Jewelry shop to determine if we are able to get this to the cellphone and also have it shipped?

Mommy Issues: His biological mother is really a prickly ex-con who place him up for adoption and Regina has breathtaking anger administration concerns.

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